Balloon Bouquets

Glamorous, silly, elegant or exciting…

Large floor and small table balloon bouquets will instantly give your venue a feeling of wonderment and joy. They’re often a hot topic of conversation and a fantastic ice breaker. Kids love them, too! Use floor balloon bouquets to mark an aisle, table balloon bouquets to bring attention to a gift table or guest book or use them both to give your existing event decorations that little something extra.

Let the event decoration professionals at Celebration Balloons know what you’re working with and they’ll come up with a number of ideas and show you how balloon bouquets can be combined with smaller balloons, ribbon, netting and other decorative materials for a professional, flawless look. Contact us for your own memorable masterpiece.


Need Balloon Bouquets For Your Event?

Want to know more about our Balloon Bouquets and how we can add them to your event – then contact Celebration Balloons of Rothwell and let Alison advise you on all the options available to you