Helium Balloons

Make your party “rise” to the occasion …

Add a smile to someone’s face with our wide range of helium balloons. Whether they’re on their own or mixed with other balloons, ribbons, fabric and other decorative items, these floating bits of wonder can create almost any atmosphere your heart desires.

Sure, you could have small groups of helium balloons dotted around the venue, but Celebration Balloons can offer you so many more options. Find out how we can mix various sizes, colours, shapes and textures to create helium balloon arrangements guaranteed to leave you and your guests in awe no matter the occasion or size of your budget. Contact the balloon experts at Celebration Balloons of Rothwell today.


Need Helium Balloons For Your Event?

Want to know more about our Helium Balloons and how we can add them to your event – then contact Celebration Balloons of Rothwell and let Alison advise you on all the options available to you.