Christening balloons ducks and polka dots

As with my previous blog post, lots of customers have a ‘theme’ for their event and every so often a customer has a theme that will spark my imagination and even if it’s in a small way it’s lovely to do something that enhances a special occasion.

Andrea contacted me to say that she would love some christening balloons for her daughter’s christening and her theme was ducks and polka dots? She didn’t want to spend too much and didn’t want table centrepieces and could I suggest anything? Andrea decided that she would have some floor standing five balloon bouquets but could I make one of them ‘special’ and incorporate the duck theme.

I came up with the ‘duck family in the reeds’ base and both Mum and daughter were highly delighted with it as was I, it was a delight to do and Andrea sent me some photographs of her little girl enjoying the balloons the day after her christening.

It’s always a challenge when somebody has a theme for their event but I will show, hopefully over the next few blog posts, how I always try to come up with something just a little bit different for their balloons!

Andreas Christening Balloons Photos

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