Strictly Come Dancing Anybody

Last minute requests on Christmas eve for the day after boxing day can be challenging for any balloon decorator, when the suppliers are closed and your brain is frantically going through every balloon you have in stock to be able to meet a request. My client was having a Strictly Come Dancing theme for her party and as there would be a lot of people there she didn’t want anything floor or table standing.

The beauty of personalised balloons is that you can pretty much cater for any occasion or theme and fortunately I had the very beautiful Star Deco Balloons in stock which can float from the ceiling without any weights to hold them in place. Each balloon had two dances named on them and with the addition of some pink and black collar balloons, feather boa and curling ribbon the effect was simply stunning.

My client was thrilled with the final balloons and I was more than pleased to be able to deliver what was a very satisfying and beautiful result.

Personalised Floating Balloon Photos

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