It’s Only Balloons – A Balloon Professional vs DIY Balloons

If I had 10p for every time this was said to either myself or another professional balloon decorator I would be a multi-millionaire by now! I would just like to take a little time out to explain why it’s not “only balloons”, and why it’s better and not that much more expensive, or even sometimes much cheaper to get a professional to do it for you instead of settling for DIY Balloons.

  • There are many different kinds of latex balloons on the market some of which are poor quality latex and very difficult to tie, some balloons only inflate to 9?, would you know which is which??
  • If you are purchasing foil balloons, the valves can fail, they can fail at the seams or if you do not have the correct equipment (i.e. a pressure sensitive foil inflator) then you can over-inflate and pop them. This has happened to me but I always have spares, this is especially important if you have purchased a name i.e. ‘EMILY’ ‘JOHN’ etc., do you want to buy two of everything just in case?
  • A box of helium costs approximately £25.00, the box will state that it will inflate 30 9? balloons (with no wastage), a good quality 9? balloon will float for approximately 5 hours if inflated correctly so if you inflate them in the afternoon they will be down by the time your event begins.
  • A professional balloon decorator should inflate the balloons to 11?, these will last you all evening (if treated with hi-float as mine are – a week!). A box of helium will inflate approximately 12 to 13 11? balloons.

Let’s Do The Maths

For example, 10 x 3 balloon centrepieces 2 black and 1 gold latex

Prices – Party Delights

Price For DIY Balloons

Price For 11″ DIY Balloons

Balloons inflated to 11″

  • Pack of 25 black balloons – £4.50
  • Pack of 25 gold balloons – £4.40
  • 3 boxes of helium – £74.97
  • 10 x Weights @ 99p -£9.90
  • Black Ribbon – £1.49
  • Gold Ribbon – £1.49

Total = £96.85

Price For 9″ DIY Balloons

Balloons inflated to 9″

  • Pack of 25 black balloons – £4.50
  • Pack of 25 gold balloons – £4.40
  • 2 boxes of helium – £50.00 (you will have wastage so you will need two boxes)
  • 10 x Weights @ 99p -£9.90
  • Black Ribbon – £1.49
  • Gold Ribbon – £1.49

Total = £71.88

Time to do 10 x 3 balloon bouquets – I’ll be generous and say for an amateur – 2 hours

Balloon Professional

saving money on DIY balloonsAll balloons inflated to 11? – lasting for up to a “week”. Inspired designs and professional service, all done for you and delivered to your door :

Price – £70.00 with local delivery

So, for this example it’s actually much cheaper and much less hassle to employ the services of a professional balloon decorator instead of going down the DIY Balloons route, they’ll look much better as all our balloon centrepieces are pretty much identical so give a better display.

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We want your party to be a success and look fantastic, why waste your time and money on DIY Balloons when you can have Celebration Balloons of Rothwell do the balloons for you, then you can relax and enjoy the day.